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Available in Manchester & London

Fancy a cheeky post-work knees-up? Tampopo’s got you. Between 4pm and 7pm, Sunday to Thursday, you can now order three bottles of Tiger Beer or a pair of our next-level cocktails for just £10.

So that’s three bottles of Singapore’s tastiest lager or a pair of luxuriously boozy concoctions for less than the price of… something that costs £11. We’re not offering this to everyone – just those that ask for the happy hour offer, so be sure to mention it to your server when ordering.

We’re calling this unique promotion “Happy Hour” – although, confusingly, it actually lasts for three hours. You are not obliged to stay for the full three hours, However, you are obliged to be happy for however long you do choose to stay. Hope that’s all clear.

So: see you after work, yeah? Please don’t bring Craig from accounts, though. He’ll only do everyone’s head in.