Iftar Taste Tour Menu & Events this Ramadan

This year, Ramadan begins on Sunday 5th May, when many Muslims around the world will be fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days. After resisting all forms of food and drink all day, a hearty halal meal, once the sun goes down in the evening, is a must. The meal that breaks the fast is known as ‘Iftar’, where families and communities come together to dine.

During Ramadan, Tampopo will have a special set menu to celebrate their authentically Eastern dishes from the Muslim countries of Indonesia and Malaysia. The menu will run for the duration of Ramadan, from Sunday 5th May to Tuesday 4th June. We’ll also be hosting Iftar Taste Tour events during the month of May, where 5 courses will cost just £18. Keep reading to find out more!


Iftar Taste Tours – 5 Courses for £18

Our Ramadan Taste Tour events will be taking place at all three of our restaurants, giving guests, whether fasting, of a different faith or of no religion at all, the opportunity to gather around a shared table to break fast together, share stories and celebrate differences. The Taste Tour events will be taking place on 7th, 8th and 11th of May. The Taste Tour events will consist of 5 courses for just £18. On the menu you can expect to see classic Tampopo favourites like Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng,  and some more adventurous options like Beef Rendang and Chili & Carmelised Coconut Stir-Fry. In the spirit of the events, there is something for everyone! Find out more and book your place below!

Iftar Taste Tour

Iftar Taste Tour

Iftar Taste Tour

Iftar Set Menu – 2 Courses for £15.95 or 3 Courses for £18.95

Our special Iftar set menu will be available for the duration of Ramadan and we welcome everyone of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and celebrate. On the menu you can expect a selection of dishes from the Muslim countries of Indonesia and Malaysia. The inclusive menu combines classic dishes and some more adventurous options too, making sure that there’s something for everyone.


All You Can Eat at East Street – £12

At the East Street restaurant on Piccadilly Gardens, there will be an all you can eat Iftar offer costing just £12 per person. This will be available from dusk every day during Ramadan, from Sunday 5th May until Tuesday 4th June – just ask for the ‘Iftar offer’. There’s no need to book! *Terms and

Ramadan All You Can Eat

*Terms and conditions apply. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only available at East Street Piccadilly. One main dish per order, dishes must be finished before more are ordered.

Whether you’ll be breaking your fast or opening your mind to a different culture, Tampopo and East Street are certainly somewhere to visit during Ramadan for a unifying Iftar experience.

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